CapTuRinG Da LiFe In WoRdS...

they said words are stronger than the sword
are gentler than the breeze
are the balm to frozen heart

so they said...
but I SAID that my words are my treasure

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meeting UFO everyday

life for me right know is like meeting UFO. Since I started working in the Standard Chartered bank (which is a very unfamiliar field for me) I have to face UFO everyday.

unknown and unfamiliar things are just like UFO which are very terrifying. That's why people make stories about alien abducting and many terrible things about the ET (even though if ET really exist they might not appear like that).

knowing that I will face the UFO each working day, I went to work every morning full of anticipation. Wondering what kind of UFO I will encounter next.

Sometime the UFO is really easy to get used to and I quickly adjusted myself to it but some of the UFO are really hard to grasp thus make me miserable and sad.

But these easy and hard UFO make the work interesting and not boring.

What kind of UFO will I meet tomorrow?

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